Custom trophies

In trophy-making, one of the most important factors to consider is the individuality of the trophy.

Given that each awards ceremony has a unique character, depending on the event or the institution organising them, the award presented must be an original and unique trophy.

This is why Sustain Awards offers you our wealth of experience in the manufacture of trophies so that you can award your own, either at a single event or a regular competition.

Public or private entities of recognised prestige and experience, such as the Ministerio de Industria, Casio or the EHF have placed their trust in us to design and manufacture trophies that provide a new dimension to their events.

Taking advantage of an awards ceremony to underline your brand's values and demonstrate your commitment to current issues is one of the objectives of the Sustain Awards.

Manufacture of custom trophies in a sustainable way

Our design team has extensive experience in manufacturing trophies for events in which, in addition to extolling values, the brand is recognised, and a message is transmitted. For this reason, the design process is given special attention, using each line and layout to highlight and emphasise these values.

The ultimate goal is to manufacture a custom trophy that will make your awards ceremony a unique event for both the winners and the organisation.

Each of the projects in which we have collaborated directly in the conception of the award has been very satisfactory and enriching both for the client and ourselves, resulting in exclusive design objects full of character and meaning.

At Sustain Awards, we will be happy to put our experience at the service of your idea to create original trophies that solidly transmit your brand's values in a sustainable way that is committed to the environment.

Our trophy manufacturing process: ecology and innovation

Before sitting down to make the first sketches, we first created a dialogue with our client through which we could soak up the essence of their event. Understanding the brand, entity and values behind the award is essential for its creation.

The next thing is to bring together our design team, Salva Codinach and José F. López, to give shape to the idea on a stylistic and technical level.

They source the recycled materials that best match the concept while giving solidity and meaning to each stroke of the design. Always in mind: harmony and coherence.

Once our client has approved the sketch, we will go on to manufacture it using processes with low environmental impact, local workshops and optimisation of resources. And finally, we can see only the satisfaction on the winner's face upon receiving an original and meaningful trophy.

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